Carbon Price To Boost Regional Clean Energy Jobs

Research published by the Climate Institute suggests a carbon price in Australia could play an important role in the creation of 34,000 new jobs in regional areas in cleaner energy sectors, including solar power.
Based on modelling from energy consultants SKM-MMA, the introduction of carbon pricing and favourable clean energy policies could see close to 43 per cent of Australia’s electricity being generated from cleaner energy sources such as geothermal, large scale solar energy, bio-energy, hydro, wind power and natural gas* by 2030, up from around 12 per cent currently.  
“Australia stands at the doorway to a clean energy transition that can drive tens of billions of dollars of investment in the electricity sector creating a net increase of close to 34,000 new jobs in regional Australia,” said John Connor, CEO of The Climate Institute.
However, Mr. Connor warned that delays or poorly implemented strategies to address carbon pollution and climate change will put new job and investment opportunities for Australia’s states and region at risk.
The research findings were launched yesterday by Independent MHR Tony Windsor, along with the interactive Clean Energy Jobs in Regional Australia website, a set of open access online tools incorporating all associated case studies, roadmaps, methodologies and reports.
Ernst & Young also played a role in the research, developing roadmaps detailing opportunities and challenges in six NSW renewable energy precincts.
*Natural gas is seen as a clean energy source in comparison to other fossil fuels in relation to carbon pollution. Concerns have been raised over other environmental issues associated with some forms of extraction such as hydraulic fracturing, more commonly known as “fracking”.