A Carbon Price Or Not – That Is The Australian Question

To set a price on carbon, lower pollution and invest in a clean, renewable energy future, or not? That, it seems, is the question occupying the political zeitgeist in Australia right now. 
Increasingly however, the argument is not so much about the nuts and bolts of the actual carbon emissions pricing scheme, but how the debate is being framed by the players in politics, business and the media as federal Labor’s mid-year deadline looms.
Independent MP Tony Windsor last week received death threats for supporting the government’s climate change bill. Opposition leader Tony Abbot has predicted a Tea Party-style “people’s revolt” against a carbon price, condemning Prime Minister Julia Gillard for breaking a pre-election promise on the issue and betraying the trust of the Australian people. 
Indeed, the idea has taken root, with a number of anti-carbon tax protests due to take place in coming weeks, promoted by some radio announcers in major cities who oppose the government’s plans. 
The 437,000 member strong independent political action group GetUp say they are dismayed at the depths to which sections of the community who disagree with action on climate change will stoop to get their message across, and plan to hold a Rally in Support of Climate Action in Melbourne this Saturday March 12.
“I was in Canberra last week and almost every politician and journalist I met with talked to me about the anti-climate action rallies. They’re spooked. I assured them that the campaign for climate action was just as strong,” says GetUp spokesman Simon Sheikh.
“While they’re shouting their angry slogans and misinformation, on the other side of Melbourne we’ll hold a positive, family-friendly gathering to stand up for our vision for clean energy and preserving a safe climate for our kids.”
Where: Treasury Place, Melbourne.
When: This Saturday (March 12) at 11am
RSVP: https://www.getup.org.au/campaign/ClickHereToRSVP