Greece will cover its commitments under the Kyoto Protocol

The Greek Environment Minister has approved the NAP for emission trading in the period 2008-12, national media reported. Greece will more than cover its commitments under the Kyoto Protocol, due to the approved NAP and other measures taken by the government, Environment Minister George Souflias said, according to news agency ANA-MPA. From 2008 through 2012, Greece will allocate 346 million allowances, all of which will be free of charge. The country has also set aside 4.8% of the total emission rights for new plants in the five-year period, amounting to 16.7 mtCO2. Greece’s NAP covers 152 installations. It will now be submitted to the EC for final approval. Greek facilities covered by the EU ETS emitted 70 mtCO2 in 2006, 800,000 tonnes more than they will receive allowances to cover for the next five years. The Greek Government also plans to promote energy conservation and the use of renewable energy, Souflias said. In 1990, Greece emitted 108.7 mtCO2-e, excluding land use and land-use change and forestry, according to UN data. In 2004, the most recent available figure for its annual total greenhouse gas emissions, Greece emitted 137.6 mtCO2-e.