Energy Matters’ Partnership With REC Solar Goes Platinum

Norway-based solar panel manufacturer REC recently announced a partnership with Australian solar power solutions provider Energy Matters and its sister company Apollo Energy had stepped up to a new level, with the companies being the first in the Asia Pacific to be accepted into the REC Partner Program at a Platinum level .

Energy Matters was the first company to supply REC solar panels to the Australian home solar power market and since the local debut last year, REC modules have become an increasingly common sight on residential rooftops around Australia. Energy Matters offers REC solar panels as standard in its Performance range of solar power systems.

“Australia is currently our largest market in the Asia Pacific region, especially in the residential sector, and we are confident that it will continue to expand,” said Matt Daly, General Manager of REC Solar Asia Pacific.

“The addition of Energy Matters and Apollo Energy to our Partner Program represents our commitment to grow together with our partners in Australia. We are very excited to bring our partnership with Energy Matters and Apollo Energy to the next level. We recognise Australia’s initiatives towards building a sustainable, energy-efficient future and we welcome the opportunity to play a bigger role in this development,” he said.

According to Energy Matters CEO, Jeremy Rich, “REC is currently the only fully integrated solar panel manufacturer in the world, producing poly silicon, wafers, cells and modules 100% in-house. REC having total control over the entire cycle simply means better production reliability and quality control. In turn, this means we can supply a superior quality product to our clients with confidence.”

As Platinum members, Energy Matters and Apollo Energy will receive comprehensive support through REC’s top level of partner services and will also have access to tools help the companies provide their customers with further enhanced access, installation and support options.

REC Peak Energy solar panels have received extensive recognition and were recently ranked second overall in 12 month long comparative testing by leading trade magazine, Photon; with test results showing 6 percent more power on average than 30 other leading module brands.

REC has rapidly established itself as a leading solar cell and module manufacturer. In 2010, REC ranked number 9 among producers of solar panels globally in terms of volume.

Aside from working with a number of distribution partners in Australia, REC also supports solar researchers at the University of New South Wales.