Community Groups Supporting The Switch To Solar


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Community Groups Supporting The Switch To Solar

Melbourne, Victoria, September 15 2008 – Community groups throughout the nation are switching on to the solar revolution by co-ordinating projects to help local residents install grid connect solar energy systems. These installations helps residents to substantially reduce carbon emissions and save money on electricity consumption.

An example of such a program is the Solar Rooftops Project being run by Strathfieldsaye & Districts Community Enterprise (SDCE). Their aim is to build better communities by engaging residents to work collectively to support their business partners who in turn support the group financially.

Since early last year, the SDCE have been running the Sustainable Strathfieldsaye Sub-Committee with the objective of reducing the carbon footprint of the local community. 

The Solar Rooftops project is based upon a solar buyers group model leading to a substantial price reduction off the cost of a grid connect residential solar power system for each buyers group member.

Melbourne based Energy Matters, one of Australia’s largest provider of renewable energy components and installation services, was appointed as the successful contractor based upon two key criteria – cost and capacity to meet demand.

Energy Matters has been very active in the community in providing not only equipment and services at heavily reduced prices to buyers groups, but also education on renewable energy issues.

Through projects such as Solar Rooftops, Energy Matters also helps stimulate local economies. Energy Matters’ Markus Lambert explains; “We firmly believe in supporting the communities that support us and as such, while we have access to our own installers, we committed to contracting to local installation agents for half the installations under SDCE Solar Rooftops Project.”

“It’s our goal as a company to see a solar panel array cranking out green clean energy on every home rooftop in Australia. Affordability is the key to achieving our solar vision, so we warmly encourage other community groups and buyers groups to contact us to set up similar discount programs. We also have a fantastic program in place for schools; helping them to take advantage of the Federal Government’s $50,000 solar schools grants“, states Mr. Lambert.

While solar power generated electricity is yet to achieve cost parity with coal fired power generation, through government rebates, feed in tariffs, buyers groups and projects such as those run by the SDCE make residential renewable energy systems truly affordable and create the demand to help further push prices of equipment lower.

About Energy Matters – Energy Matters is one of Australia’s largest companies solely dedicated to renewable energy. Energy Matters is active on an industry level and in the community in lobbying the Government on challenges facing the local renewable energy sector and providing education on topics relating to solar and wind energy, sustainability and other environmental issues.

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