Solar Pioneer Appointed Head Of Singapore Research Institute

Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is hoping that the appointment of Professor Michael Grätzel (often spelled "Graetzel"), will result in advancements in the manufacture of cheaper, more efficient solar cells.
The Swiss professor is the pioneer of applying artificial photosynthesis principles to solar technology
The University says Professor Graetzel will take the lead as Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Energy Research Institute at NTU and has established a new Centre for Nanostructured Photosystems aimed at further developing and commercialising Graetzel’s dye-sensitised solar cells; along with other innovations in solar technology.
A dye-sensitised solar cell mimics the ability of plants to absorb sunlight and produce energy. Special dyes are added to the surface of the cells which capture photons from different light wavelengths, like chlorophyll in plants. Also known as Graetzel cells, NTU say they "represent an exciting breakthrough and show great promise as an inexpensive alternative to costly silicon solar cells."
The Professor’s work won him 2010 Millennium Technology Prize, and to honour the appointment of their VIP chairman, NTU have awarded Graetzel a Doctor of Engineering degree. 
At the launch of the Energy Research Institute, NTU President Professor Bertil Andersson said it was vital to foster growth in alternative fields of solar cell technology in an environment of growing concern among governments and industry groups about the sustainability and security of global renewable energy supply. 
"The new Centre will be, literally, "taking a leaf from nature" to produce energy harnessed from the sun. Development of sustainable energy solutions is today a sunrise industry, with solar energy being the most abundant and promising renewable energy source on our planet."