‘Explosive’ Coal Seam Gas Emissions Report Suppressed

According to Australian non-profit think-tank, Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE), a report thoroughly dismantling the claim coal seam gas (CSG) is “clean energy” has been suppressed by Worley Parsons, the company that compiled it, even though the company is under contractual obligation to deliver it.
The report was commissioned by Beyond Zero Emissions and was due to be completed in September. 
BZE says it contains information showing previous data on fugitive CSG related emissions is out of date and superseded, with new information showing “well workovers having emissions around 8500 times previous estimates”. 
Another claim by CSG supporters debunked in the report is the displacement of coal fired power stations in favour of gas in China.
“According to the report absolutely no coal fired power plants in China will be taken off line and replaced by gas plants, making a mockery of claims by Rick Wilkinson of APPEA ,” says a statement from BZE. APPEA is the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, which describes itself as being the ” Voice of Australia’s Oil and Gas Industry”.
BZE says an inaccurate and misleading public statement has been released by a PR company on behalf of WorleyParsons, claiming Beyond Zero Emissions decided not to proceed the report.
“We deny this and challenge WorleyParsons to produce evidence to support this baseless allegation,” says BZE. “Correspondence in writing with WorleyParsons clearly confirms that the report was completed two months ago, and despite repeated requests, WorleyParsons have refused to release it.”
The group has called on WorleyParsons to “immediately deliver the complete and unaltered original document completed two months ago to Beyond Zero Emissions as they are contractually obliged to do”, saying that the report being inconvenient for the gas industry is not a good reason for its suppression.
Beyond Zero Emissions states Worley Parsons have a $580 million contract with Queensland Gas Company for engineering and procurement services for its Queensland Curtis LNG project.
BZE hit the headlines recently when it stated blanket claims by gas industry majors that coal seam gas is a cleaner energy source than coal have been proven to be false, are a greenwash myth and a CSG boom will only serve to delay a switch to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power.