Linkin Park Spruiks Solar – Power The World

The fact 1.3 billion people around the world do not have reliable and safe access to electricity has inspired rock band Linkin Park to kick off a solar lighting initiative.
Power The World aims to supply solar powered lights to 1 million families by the end of 2012. The band is asking for donations of USD $10 (approximately AU $10); which will pay for a light for a family in Haiti.
Linkin Park lead vocalist Mike Shinoda says the group selected Haiti for the project given 8 million people in the country do not have access to mains electricity. Three-quarters of Haitian households are lit using kerosene lamps, wax candles or diesel or petrol generators. The average rural Haitian spends 6.5% of his or her annual income on kerosene and candles for home lighting.
“By helping Haiti we can make a huge impact, so it’s a great place to start,” said Mr. Shinoda.
The Haiti initiative is only the beginning of Linkin Park’s activities to promote solar energy as an alternative to polluting fossil fuels such as kerosene often used in developing countries to provide lighting. Aside from the carbon emissions issues, the burning of fossil fuels indoors in inefficient and unsafe ways contributes to over a million deaths each year from respiratory and pulmonary disease.
Linkin Park, through their charity Music For Relief, pledged their support of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s Sustainable Energy For All initiative last month.
Music For Relief was established by Linkin Park in 2005, originally to provide aid for those affected by the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Since that time $4,000,000 in donations have been raised and 955,000 trees planted. The program has extended beyond assisting those affected by the tsunami; including support for victims of Victoria’s bushfires.
Additionally, environmental programs set up by Music For Relief  have educated those in the music industry and fans about how they can reduce their carbon footprint also how climate change impacts weather related disasters.