Solar powered walking house

This house takes the concept of a solar powered home to a whole new level.

Growing out of a project initiated by Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire in the UK and constructed by German based N55, Walking House does just what its name implies – it walks; courtesy of solar power.

The house gets around through the use of hydraulic legs, powered by solar panels and deep cycle batteries mounted on the roof; essentially a mobile off grid solar power system. The basic module has a height and width of 3.5 meters, a length of 3.7 meters and weighs around 1.2 tonnes. Each unit is equipped for a maximum of four persons, but modules can be grouped together to cater to families or entire communities, creating what the team calls a “Walking Village”.

Walking House is designed to allow people to live nomadic life with minimal impact on the environment; reminiscent of the Romani, also commonly known as Gypsy, lifestyle. It is not dependent on roads and can move on all sorts of terrain.

The house harvests energy for use within the home from solar panels and small wind turbines. There’s even a rain harvesting system and solar hot water service. Additionally, a small greenhouse can be added to the basic module to allow for the growing of food. Waste is no problem either as Walking House includes a composting toilet.

The concept is designed for those who want to see the countryside – albeit at a slow pace; around 60 meters an hour. The Walking House project also challenges the concept that ownership of land is acceptable; with its makers stating ” if we claim the ownership of land, we also say that we have more right to parts of the surface of the earth than other persons have.”

At this point in time, the Walking House is just a working concept and art project and is not commercially available.;