Australian Solar Feed In Tariff Petition Launched


Andrew Scarlett
Energy Matters
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Energy Matters Launches Solar Feed In Tariff Petition

Melbourne, Victoria, January 27, 2009. Energy Matters (, a leading provider of wind and solar power equipment and installation services, has launched a national petition at, concerning the issue of renewable energy feed in tariffs.

A feed-in tariff is a premium rate paid for electricity produced by a renewable source such as a home grid connected rooftop solar system or wind turbine.

Australia has lagged behind while very successful national gross feed in tariff programs have been established around the world. In Australia, states have been left to implement their own programs, creating a patchwork approach in which different schemes do not suitably reward renewable system owners for their initiative.

Spokesperson for Energy Matters, Andrew Scarlett, explains: “We’ve been lobbying for a nationalised gross feed in tariff system for a long time now. The recent Council Of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting seemed to indicate we may be heading in the wrong direction. The principles announced at the meeting were far removed of how a program, such as the highly successful scheme in Germany, should operate.”

Mr Scarlett states that not only is there a possibility that a national feed in tariff may be pegged at only the market value of electricity under the COAG principles, but any payments above market rate would be a transitional measure until the Rudd government’s Emissions Trading Scheme was fully established.

“Without a long-term commitment of at least 15 years to a gross feed in tariff and at least 80c per kilowatt hour for homes and businesses, Australia’s program would pale beside the successful German model and amount to little more than a token gesture. Our petition site,, seeks to demonstrate the support in the community for a system that works: one that will not only help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions but drive investment in a fragile economic environment.”

The petition can be viewed and signed here:

About Energy Matters

Energy Matters is one of Australia’s largest companies solely dedicated to renewable energy, having installed more solar power systems than just about anybody in the country. Energy Matters is active on an industry level and in the community in lobbying the Government on challenges facing the local renewables sector and providing education on topics relating to solar and wind energy, sustainability and other environmental issues.