Australian Government Boosts Solar Hot Water Rebate

BREAKING NEWS: Just over an hour ago, the Australian Government released details of its $42 billion Nation Building and Jobs Plan. Among the initiatives was a commitment to raise the solar hot water rebate of $1000 to $1600.

To be eligible for the rebate, the solar hot water system must be eligible for at least 20 Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) at the time and place of installation and be installed by a suitably qualified person. The rebate is in addition to any state based incentives.

Among the other energy efficiency related initiatives, the government will provide free insulation to 2.7 million Australian homes and double of the Low Emissions Plan for Renters from $500 to $1,000. The free insulation will allow householders to cut their energy bills while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The scheme would reduce emissions by approximately 49.4 million metric tons by 2020.

Further details regarding the solar hot water rebate increase will be published here as new information becomes available.

UPDATE – 2.56PM Australian Eastern Time: According to a press release from the Prime Minister’s office, the solar hot water rebate increase is effective from today.

UPDATE February 4 – In addition to increasing the solar hot water rebate to $1600, the government is also removing the $100,000 income test. The rebate will now be available to all households replacing an electric hot water system