SPACE – Solar Enabled Upcycled Shipping Container Office

The strength and standard sizing of shipping containers gives them additional applications as relocatable buildings once their freighting days are over. Add solar panels, wireless connectivity and a few creature comforts and you have a fully operational mobile office independent of mains grid power.

We’ve covered the use of solar powered structures made from shipping containers in the past, such as New York’s first solar powered electric vehicle recharging station and the ZubaBox, a mobile Internet cafe.

SPACE (Solar Powered Adaptive Container for Everyone) was originally developed by Houston, Texas-based Harvest Moon Development Company, which decided to construct a project sales office that would provide a very visual display of the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Together with marketing company ttweak and Metalab, an architecture and product design firm, the original project evolved into the joint venture, SPACE.

SPACE is a reconditioned 6 metre x 2.4 metre shipping container fitted out to act as a work space. Capable of supporting up to 5 kilowatts of solar panels, SPACE also includes a solar inverter, a self-contained deep cycle battery end-cap with 5 days of battery backup capacity plus a petrol generator.

While SPACE has substantial off-grid capabilities, it can also be connected to the mains power grid.

According to the makers, the system can be transported with its solar panels attached and wired thanks to a folding module racking system and can be operational within an hour of re-sited.

The interior of SPACE is decked out with a high efficiency mini-split air conditioner, CFL and LED Lighting and multiple power outlets as standard, along with painted and insulated walls, a single window and a storefront window wall.

With all standard options, the entire unit weighs just shy of 6 tonnes and is sturdy enough to stand up to hurricane force winds.

Purchase and leasing options are available and SPACE units can be customized to customer requirements.