Energy Matters at Tasmania’s AgFest Field Days 2012

For the fourth year running, Energy Matters will be exhibiting solar energy solutions at the Agfest Field Days in Tasmania.
Offering expert advice on solar power, the Energy Matters team will be located at site 301 on “Third Ave”, to the right of the main entrance and ticket box.
The Energy Matters exhibit will include an off-grid solar power system featuring Daqo solar panels and an SMA inverter charger, which will power the stand and a mobile phone charging station.
Other components on display will include a REC solar panel array and Energy Matters’ own Australian designed and made SunLock solar mounting system.
Visitors to Agfest will be able to take advantage of great special deals on Energy Matters grid connect solar power systems. The team will be available to help explain current solar financial incentives, including Tasmania’s 1:1 feed in tariff and the government’s soon to be reduced Solar Credits rebate.
Solar power systems are a great solution for rural Tasmanians looking for an alternative to connecting to the mains grid, which can be costly and in some cases impossible in remote locations. 
For suburban households and businesses, generating solar electricity can provide a safeguard against rising electricity prices, and with a system which has been sized specifically to match power consumption, can blow away power bills altogether.
Located just outside of Launceston at Quercus Rural Youth Park on Oaks Road, the event will be held from 3 – 5 May and be open from 8am until 5pm daily. 
Featuring a fashion parade, sheep dog trials, an equine expo and 700 exhibitors, Agfest Field Days is run entirely by a volunteer committee of 30 Rural Youth Organisation of Tasmania members and ex-members. Last year’s event was attended by 60,000 people over three days. 
For more information, including how to get to the festival and a site map, visit 
Solar power in Tasmania