Rebate Update – Lodging Of Solar Power Applications Urged

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Queensland’s Ergon Energy has again reminded customers wanting to install a solar panel system before a 33% reduction in the Solar Credits rebate to submit their network connection application forms soon – and households in other states considering going solar may want to take note.

The Solar Credits rebate will be slashed by a third after June 30 nationally; but a point some are unaware of is June 30 is an installation deadline. Solar power systems must be installed by this time in order to receive the current rebate level.

With approval and installation lead up times in some areas increasing as June approaches due to increased demand, acting on installing solar panels may be best done sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

In Queensland, Ergon Energy advises applications for systems 5kW and greater should be submitted by Monday 30 April. This date also applies to connection of systems 2kW and larger to a single wire earth return (SWER) section of the network; or a system for connection in any of Ergon Energy’s 33 isolated networks. Applications for other systems less than 5kW should be submitted by Monday 28 May.

“The sooner applications are lodged, the better chance of Ergon Energy processing them in ample time,” says part of a recent statement from Ergon Energy, which also points out that while the solar installer or PV retailer will usually manage the application process, customers should familiarise themselves with it.

Application processing is only one aspect of having a system installed. The other is the actual install and a rush on solar panel installation bookings has already begun in some areas.

This national spike in solar interest is being driven not only by the looming rebate cut, but also news of continuing increases in electricity costs. For example, the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) in New South Wales last week released a draft determination allowing for an average electricity price increase of 16% from July 1 this year.


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