Asia’s Largest Concentrated Solar Energy Plant Announced

In more positive news for India’s sun-drenched state of Rajasthan, AREVA Solar recently announced construction of Asia’s largest concentrated solar power (CSP) installation.
Building has already commenced on the first phase of the 250 megawatt (MW) Rajasthan project, which will use Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR) technology. CLFR systems use modular, flat mirrors to magnify the sun’s heat onto long, elevated boiler tubes filled with water. This water becomes super-heated steam that drives a turbine to produce electricity.
The plant will be built in stages, with the first 125 MW expected to go online in May 2013. Upon completion, the solar farm will avoid approximately 557,000 tons of carbon emissions each year compared to a similar sized coal-fired power plant. 
The company the massive power station is being constructed for; Indian energy giant Reliance Power Limited, says the project will help India progress towards its ultimate goal of adding 20,000 MW of solar capacity by 2022 under the country’s National Solar Mission
In March, Reliance Power commissioned a 40 MW solar panel based plant – India’s largest PV installation to date – capable of supplying electricity equivalent to the needs of 75,000 Indian households. 
JP Chalasani, CEO of Reliance Power, stated: "Reliance Power is proud to be a leader in India’s clean energy future. Today’s announcement is just the beginning. We look forward to working with AREVA Solar in helping meet India’s clean energy goals through this project." 
According to AREVA, the contract will add to its portfolio of large-scale stand-alone CSP facilities and power-boost system for coal-fired power plants, which includes Australia’s $104.7 million Kogan Creek Solar Boost project, announced a year ago by Prime Minister Julia Gillard. AREVA’s CSP systems allow coal-fired power plants to increase electricity production at peak periods, reducing overall operation emissions. 
AREVA’s consortium was also selected as the preferred bidder for a 250MW CSP facility under Round 1 of Australia’s Solar Flagships Program.