All Systems Go For Capital East Solar Farm

Australia’s first solar photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage demonstration facility will be constructed at Bungendore in New South Wales.
Infigen received approval earlier this month for the development of the facility. The first stage of the development will consist of a 200kW solar PV array and energy storage system, with view to expanding it to 1MW.
While 200kW isn’t exactly of gargantuan proportions (enough to power around 40 homes), the company says the facility will “support Infigen’s entry into large scale solar PV generation and implementation of energy storage technologies.” 
The project will address one of the final hurdles facing large scale solar PV  – how to continue supplying electricity when the sun doesn’t shine. This challenge has already been overcome using solar thermal technologies incorporating molten salt “batteries”.
“Infigen recognises that energy storage will be a key enabling technology in the future of renewable energy in Australia,” said David Griffin, General Manager of Development.
“Distributed renewable energy facilities that are also capable of providing network support are expected to become increasingly competitive with traditional supply solutions requiring continuing large investments in outdated network infrastructure”.
Infigen’s renewable energy expertise to date has been primarily confined to wind farms. The company has interests in 24 wind power facilities (1,646 MW equity interest) across Australia and the US; representing enough power to supply the electricity needs of half a million homes while avoiding approximately 4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year.
Infigen says the Capital East Solar Farm will be the first solar farm in Australia to be registered in the National Electricity Market (NEM). It will form an integral part of the Capital Renewable Energy Precinct, which will consist of this project, the existing Capital Wind Farm and Woodlawn Wind Farm and the proposed Capital 2 Wind Farm.