Ahem, Mr. President, About The White House Solar Panels

A couple of years ago, the prospect of solar panels being installed on the White House seemed promising. So what has happened since?
The world was literally a twitter when in 2010, U.S. President Barack Obama announced:
“.. by the end of this spring, there will be solar panels and a solar hot water heater on the roof of the White House.”
It had been nearly 25 years since the White House rooftop hosted a solar energy system. In 1979, President Jimmy Carter had a solar hot water system installed on the iconic building’s roof, but it was removed in 1986 by President Ronald Reagan who believed the installation “didn’t befit a super-power“.
The White House plan was hailed by the solar industry as such a high profile installation would result in more solar panels being installed throughout the nation.
The spring of 2010 ended with nary a panel to be seen on the building. Grumblings in 2011 led to the White House issuing a statement saying it “remains on the path to complete the White House solar demonstration project”.
That seemed to satisfy most – but still; no panels. If President Obama’s team hoped the issue would just go away, those hopes have been dashed.
The USA’s ABC News tapped the administration on the shoulder recently and were told the solar panels “are in the procurement phase.”
Author and climate activist Bill McKibben commented: “Somehow using 1970s technology, Jimmy Carter managed to get it up on the roof”. Mr McKibben says it’s an indicator of the low priority global warming has been for the administration.
That may not be entirely true – and solar power has definitely blossomed under the Obama administration, albeit not without a few hiccups. Solar energy in the USA has more than doubled over the last 4 years and the industry now employs 100,000 Americans.
As the race for the Presidency heats up, every vote will count and solar panels appearing on the White House rooftop before elections may not only help the White House reduce its own carbon footprint, but will likely see Obama with some additional votes.