Solar Sandy Project Launched

Three solar power companies have partnered up to help relief efforts in New York communities severely affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Under the Solar Sandy initiative, Solar One, SolarCity and Consolidated Solar have already deployed five 10 kilowatt mobile solar generators to help residents and relief workers get much-needed temporary electricity, with the first three installed over the weekend in Rockaway Beach – the same area where Greenpeace’s Rolling Sunlight was recently situated – and one in Staten Island.

With fuel for traditional generators scarce and a number of fires caused by their improper use, solar electric generators have been a welcome addition to efforts to help get residents back on their feet.

“We’re lending a hand and doing what we do best – bringing solar power to communities,” said Shaun Chapman, Deputy Director of Government Affairs for SolarCity.

The project is seeking more plug and play mobile generators that can easily be set up in these communities and solar installers and electricians who can assist with deployment, installation, and maintenance of the systems.

“These generators are a lifeline to those without power and moving forward, we must provide for these contingencies when the grid goes down,” said Chris Collins, Executive Director of Solar One.

Another company, Voltaic, has had an overwhelming response to its Buy One Give One program for its 3.4 Watt Solar Kits, running out of stock which it hopes to replenish today.

Solar panels, deep cycle batteries and solar regulators are increasingly being added to emergency power kits for households in hurricane or blizzard prone areas.

The storm cut power to 8.5 million customers in 10 states and an estimated 84,000 homes and businesses in New York and New Jersey are still without power due to flood damage from Hurricane Sandy. Last week, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo called for a ground-up redesign of the state’s electricity system.