Stop The Solar Coaster Petition Launched

Fed up with the raw deal the solar industry and households wanting to slash their electricity bills have been getting in terms of government flip-flops on support; 100 Percent have launched a petition.

The Federal Government’s announcement to totally phase out the Solar Credits multiplier 6 months early has raised the ire of many; including renewables-focused community group 100 Percent.

“Our politicians just don’t seem to get it. The simple fact is solar is the only source of power that is getting cheaper the more we use it, and helping Australians put solar on their roof is one of the best ways to help them manage their energy bills,” states the petition page.

The petition is aiming for 1,500 signatures and is well past the half-way point already. Those adding their names to the petition will trigger an email to Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Greg Combet; the text of which reads in part:

“…Australians love solar and we expect our governments to support it too…. We are deeply concerned you have been overly influenced by the anti-renewables campaigning of the big generators…”

The group says data shows that solar is being taken up by low and middle income households; rather than it being the realm of the rich as has been put forward by some corners in the past.

100 Percent states the Government’s announcement came off the back of weeks of lobbying from energy generators, who are “deeply threatened by the ability of solar to create cleaner, cheaper power than the coal and gas alternative.”

Aside from helping households to rein in electricity bills, 100 Percent points out unstable solar policy threatens businesses in the sector and consequently the many thousands of Australians working in the industry.

The shock news of the early cut has triggered the beginning of a rush on solar panels, as where a contract is entered into after last Thursday; the system must be installed before 1 January 2013.