Surviving The Solar Panel Installation Stampede

Households in a hurry to have a solar panel system installed before the looming subsidy cut deadline still need to exercise caution and understand what it is they are buying – and who they are buying it from.

It’s an unfortunate situation that in any rush on solar panels, there will be victims of unethical providers. While these are certainly a minority in the industry, they do cause a lot of damage that also tarnishes the many reputable players.

When consumers have time to make a decision, they will tend to choose wisely; but with announcements such as the early end to the Solar Credits multiplier; the pressure is on to select a system and a solar panel installer – and mistakes can be made.

Energy Matters’ free Solar Power Consumer Guide is designed to help consumers select the right solar power system and avoid potential pitfalls. The online version primarily examines the tricks and traps and the more detailed 23 page download version covers the following topics:

– Types Of Solar Power Systems
– How A Grid Connect System Works
– How An Off-Grid System Works
– Solar Power System Components
– Solar Panel Installation Factors
– Grid Connect Solar Power System Lifespan
– How Big A Solar Power System Will You Need?
– Solar Rebates And Incentives
– Choosing A Solar Panel Installer
– Know What Questions To Ask
– Additional Tips When Shopping For Solar Power

The new download version of the consumer guide has proven very popular and has been accessed thousands of times since its release.

While the rush is on to acquire a system and installation bookings are being filled rapidly, taking a little time to review the contents of Energy Matters’ Solar Power Consumer Guide can help households make a more informed decision and gain the most benefit from their solar panel investment.

Award-winning Energy Matters is committed to helping all Australians join the nation’s rooftop revolution and to slash their electricity bills by offering high quality systems at low prices and also convenient payment plan options. The company takes great pride in making going solar simple for its customers.