World’s Greenest Commercial Building 100% Solar Powered

The Bullitt Center will be the greenest, most energy efficient commercial building in the world says the project’s developers.
Located at the intersection of Capitol Hill and the Central District in Seattle, Washington; the six-story, 4,645 square metre structure will harvest rainwater and the power of the sun to provide all water and electricity required to run the building.

Designed to last 250 years, the building features operable floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize natural daylight and fresh air to each floor. Additional heating and cooling will controlled through a water source geothermal heat pump.
Fully insulated; window glass in the structure is of triple-pane construction and over 50mm thick. 
All wood in the building is FSC-certified and the structural steel is composed of approximately 95% recycled material.
The building does not contain any “Red List” hazardous materials; including PVC, cadmium, lead or mercury. The project aims to meet the ambitious goals of the Living Building Challenge. Every board, beam, pipe, screw and bolt going into construction of the Bullitt Center must meet the Challenge’s strict set of guidelines.
In addition to harvesting rainwater, grey water from sinks and showers in the building will be filtered through a green roof. Phoenix Composting Toilets will send waste down into one of the 10 composters located in the basement of the building. 
The Center is more than just about meeting green building standards.
“By creating a place where every worker has access to fresh air and daylight, the Bullitt Center will create a healthy, human environment that is more pleasant and more productive than most commercial buildings,” states the Bullit Center web site.
Those benefits aside; implementing green design elements such as commercial solar power systems can also make good financial sense, particularly in countries such as Australia where residential and commercial electricity prices continue to climb.