Rudd says Australia can play a key role in global climate change

Australia can play a key diplomatic role in securing China’s participation in global climate change solutions, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said in his speech to US think tank the Brookings Institute. Rudd announced that his government would seek to engage China and other Asian nations in talks around climate change mitigation, together with the US. “The government intends to deploy what I’ve described as a creative middle power diplomacy, both globally and regionally,” Rudd said in his speech. “This means, for example, that you will see Australia being more active in global efforts to meet the challenges of climate change following our ratification of the Kyoto Protocol within a week of taking office,” he added. “China could also be encouraged to play a more high profile role in climate change negotiations,” he also said, adding that as a major economy and a major emitter, “China’s participation in efforts to find a solution to global action on climate change will be crucial as we negotiate the torturous Bali Roadmap to its conclusion in Copenhagen in late 2009”.