Kyocera Systems On Chicago Multi Family Housing Units

Kyocera Solar Inc. says it will partner with green provider VGI Energy Solutions to supply rooftop solar power systems to Chicago residents living in multi-family housing units.

The company is working with VGI to install 20kW rooftop solar arrays on buildings using Kyocera MyGen Pro systems; which includes Kyocera solar modules , Enphase and SMA inverters. The system includes power monitoring technology and can be expanded for large-scale installations.

“Kyocera’s MyGen Pro offering is ideal for this application because it gives VGI choice and flexibility when incorporating proven, reliable solar energy into virtually any housing structure while saving crucial time,” said Steve Hill, president, Kyocera Solar Inc.

VGI Energy, a subsidiary of Chicago’s VLV Development, works with local councils in urban Chicago, conducting audits of energy and water usage with a view to creating zero-net-energy housing units by retrofitting them with LED lighting, energy-efficient windows and water-efficient plumbing. The company has installed Kyocera solar power systems on six Chicago buildings since 2010.

“Our housing developments aim to enhance the quality of life for each resident with programs that integrate independent lifestyles with a sense of community; utilizing solar energy to reduce the environmental footprint is a key component,” said Van Vincent, CEO of VGI Energy.

VGI recently became a member of Kyocera’s synergistic Diamond Partner Program, which supplies installers with exclusive discounts on Kyocera solar panels along with packages from manufacturers such as Unirac, SMA and Enphase. Diamond Partners also have access to online design and technical advice and certified solar training.

“Kyocera’s philosophy of doing what’s right for people is aligned with VGI’s commitment to doing what we can to help humanity,” said Faustina Roman-del Rio, VGI’s vice president of sustainability.

“Our company philosophies are a good fit with each other.”

In October last year, Kyocera supplied a 348 kilowatt PV system for the rooftop of the Townsville RSL Stadium in North Queensland, which now generates an equivalent of two-thirds of the stadium’s energy needs.