Donated Solar Power System Lights Up A Life

Julie Wood is the good Samaritan neighbour we all wish we had and some of us aspire to be. Julie recently donated an Energy Matters solar power system to her struggling next door neighbour.
A single mum, Julie currently works three jobs so she can put her son through college. A battler herself; Julie reached out to help her neighbour Joe, who is fighting cancer as well as dealing with multiple sclerosis. 
Julie decided to go solar to help save for retirement and after much research and word-of-mouth referrals, she chose Energy Matters to install her system – the company had installed other solar arrays in her town of Katamatite in Victoria, situated halfway between Cobram and Shepparton.
At the time of her purchase, Energy Matters was running a competition with a $2,000 cash prize that asked the question: ‘What would you do with the savings you will make by installing solar?’.
Julie’s entry, which stated she would use the money to help her neighbour by installing solar to slash his electricity bill, was chosen as the winner by Energy Matters.
Julie has known Joe for around 7 years and she’s been aware he’s had mounting bills. For example, recent radiation treatment cost Joe $6,000. 
With cold weather rapidly approaching, Joe was concerned about heating his house this winter. Previously, Joe would chop wood to heat his home but he now understandably has no energy for the task – and his electricity bills have doubled over the past 5 years. 
The 1.75kW system recently installed by Energy Matters will save Joe approximately $500 a year.
Even though the high-efficiency system was valued at more than the $2,000 Julie won, Energy Matters was more than happy to donate the difference so Joe’s life could be made a little more comfortable. 
“For people who are hurting due to out of control electricity costs, solar can make a real difference,” says Nick Brass, co-founder of Energy Matters. 
“These days the biggest interest in solar is coming from Aussie battlers like Julie and Joe who are fed up with paying crazy electricity prices.”
Both Julie and Joe will be saving on their bills for many years to come in a way that has also strengthened their friendship.
While solar is certainly a good news element of this story; the more important aspect is the kindness and selflessness shown by Julie – something that Energy Matters applauds.