Power-One Inverters Used In EU’s Largest Rooftop Solar Plant

Power-One has announced its inverters were utilised in Europe’s largest crystalline roof-top solar installation.

We initially reported on the 8.1MW rooftop solar farm in Lithuania last month. Constructed in just four weeks, the installation consists of 33,000 solar panels and 255 Power-One Aurora Trio 27.6-TL-OUTD inverters.

A three-phase inverter, the Aurora Trio 27.6-TL-OUTD has two independent MPPTs and efficiency ratings of up to 98.3%.

Mirko Schieszl, Technical Director at WIRSOL, the company that constructed the plant, said the Aurora Trio inverters have very low maintenance costs and do not require highly trained professionals if replacements are required.

Power-One’s Gerhard Schackert  said the massive installation shows PV still pays off in Germany, even in the face of feed in tariff reductions.

“With the rising cost of electricity, PV installations especially offer companies with high energy consumption an attractive option to reduce their energy bills by producing a portion of the electricity required by themselves.”

Companies are increasingly becoming aware that a solar power system sized to daytime loads can make a substantial positive impact to operational costs.

Power-One is the world’s second largest manufacturer of solar inverters – the Big Three consisting of SMA, Power-One and Sungrow respectively.

Power-One was recently acquired by ABB and the company now seems to have its sights set on grabbing SMA’s number one slot. The company has recently made substantial investment in North American manufacturing by opening two manufacturing centers in Phoenix, Arizona and Toronto, Canada.

As well as in commercial solar installation applications, Power-One inverters are also a popular choice in residential installs. Offering high conversion efficiencies and an attractive pricing point; Aurora inverters feature “early to wake and late to sleep” characteristics – helping to squeeze as much energy as possible from available sunlight each day.