Energy Matters No.3 REC Solar Panel Distributor Globally

Australian company Energy Matters and sister company Apollo Energy have been confirmed as the no.3 Distributor Partner globally of  REC solar panels last year.

The 2012 ranking was confirmed by Gaia Del Zoppo; Partner Program Development Manager, REC Solar Germany GmbH, yesterday.

While REC modules have been a popular choice in Europe for quite some time; the brand emerged from nowhere via Energy Matters just a few years ago.

Energy Matters was the first Australian company to introduce REC Peak Energy Series solar panels to the Australian home solar market. Soon after the launch, the company entered into an agreement for the purchase of 20 megawatts of the panels – one of the largest single solar panel purchase orders in Australian history at the time.

Energy Matters went on to be named the winner of a REC Partner Award in 2011 and continues to be a champion of REC products today.

The demand for REC solar panels isn’t surprising and for Energy Matters, it’s been a relatively easy task to generate interest. The modules offer high efficiency in a wide range of conditions; solid construction and the lowest energy payback time of any silicon solar panel – and these attributes come with a reasonable price tag.

Today, REC modules are installed on the rooftops of thousands of homes and businesses across Australia;  with these solar power systems collectively generating millions of kilowatt hours of clean electricity each year.

These panels will continue to produce cheap, clean power for many years to come. In addition to being a recipient of multiple awards; earlier this year REC panels underwent torture testing designed to damage panels and survived; further reassuring the many proud owners of REC solar products that their investment has been a wise one.

As a REC Platinum Partner, Energy Matters is able to offer even more peace of mind – the company can offer an extra 2 years product warranty on REC solar panels it installs (up to 100kW rooftop installation).