Australia’s First National Wind Farm Open Day

The upcoming Australian Wind Farm Open Day will provide a great opportunity for wind power fans and skeptics to get up close to a wind turbine.
An interesting point about resistance to wind farms is that many who have concerns about wind turbine noise have never taken the opportunity to hear it in real life. If they did, for some their concerns would perhaps be instantly allayed.
Australia’s inaugural Wind Farm Open Day will be held on Saturday, 12 October 2013 and will assist in dispelling many of the myths associated with the clean and economical electricity production technology.
So far, the following wind farms are part of the event:
– Infigen Energy’s Lake Bonney Wind Farm in South Australia
– AGL’s Macarthur Wind Farm in South Western Victoria
– RATCH Australia’s Starfish Hill Wind Farm near Cape Jervis in South Australia
– RATCH Australia’s Windy Hill Wind Farm at Ravenshoe in Queensland
– TrustPower Australia’s Snowtown Wind Farm in South Australia
According to the Clean Energy Council, which is co-ordinating the event, more wind facilities are to be confirmed.
Open days at each of the wind farms will be much more than just a case of standing in front of a turbine for a few happy-snaps. Guided tours, BBQ’s and other activities will be occurring. 
For full details of the Australian Wind Farm Open Day and participating facilities, click here.
Wind Power Trivia: In August 2013, wind farms in South Australia provided the equivalent of just under 40 per cent of the state’s power. Nationally, wind power produced eight per cent of the power in the National Electricity Market during August. More than a quarter of South Australia’s electricity was sourced from wind power over the last financial year.
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