Victron Energy Partners With Oceanvolt

Marine electric propulsion specialist Oceanvolt has teamed up with inverter/charger manufacturer Victron Energy.
Victron Energy’s chargers and inverters will be offered as part of the Oceanvolt SEA (Silent Electric Autonomy) concept.
Oceanvolt is a complete electric motor system for catamarans and sailboats between 6 – 18 metres. It consists of motors, batteries and chargers that can function with solar panels, wind turbines and traditional generators. 
A very interesting feature of the Oceanvolt SEA system is the motor – the folding propeller can be used to regenerate electricity and charge batteries while sailing. Oceanvolt says this generator can  average 2 kW output at a cruising speed of  8-17 knots. This output is enough to power energy intensive applications such as air-conditioning; without the need for a petrol generator.
“Victron Energy’s products perfectly compliments our propulsion system and together they offer our customers the comforts of home while at sea,” Said Oceanvolt’s CEO, Timo Jaakkola.
Victron Energy has built a solid reputation over the years for innovation, reliability and build quality in relation to its chargers, inverters and converters.
“The Oceanvolt system impressed us. It is a mature and finished system. With this partnership our customers can offer an electric propulsion system which works as a part of a boat’s existing electrical network”, says Victron Energy’s Managing Director, Matthijs Vader.

Oceanvolt electric propulsion systems have already been installed in over 50 vessels. Earlier this year, the Oceanvolt SD electric motor was selected by SAIL Magazine as the winner of the 2013 Pittman Innovation Award in the systems category.