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Netherlands Trains To Run On 100% Green Energy By 2018

In the largest green energy contract of its kind, the Netherlands will power its entire electric rail network using wind energy under a sweeping plan to make train travel climate-neutral by 2018.
Each day, approximately 1.2 million journeys are made throughout the Netherlands on trains operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), the nation’s principal passenger railway operator. This commitment to public transport requires a massive 1.4 TWh of electricity – or enough energy to power Amsterdam for a year. 
The ambitious plan calls for 50 percent of trains to run on green power by 2015; 70 percent by 2017; and 100 percent of trains by 2018. Half of this energy will come from new and existing wind farms in Holland owned by project developer Eneco, and half from new wind farms that are gradually coming on stream in the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Belgium.
Eneco’s vast wind holdings across Europe allowed it to meet the project requirements that bidders avoid overwhelming domestic supply of wind power, and so boosting the cost of green energy in the Netherlands.
NS has vowed to continue to improve the efficiency of trains on its network – which includes both light rail and Hispeed trains – saying electricity per passenger per kilometre has been reduced by 30 percent in recent years.
“This contract is a perfect example of how organisations in the rail sector work closely together to improve passenger experience and sustainable mobility,” said Timo Huges, Chairman and CEO of NS. 
“According to a customer survey, eight out of ten passengers consider it important for rail companies to switch over to green power. From 2018, trains will be running on green power, enabling our 1.2 million passengers to travel truly green with zero emission transport. We are very pleased to have Eneco as our partner because of their vast experience and reputation regarding green power.”

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