The Power of Community Helping To Install Solar

Gawler Community House in South Australia is hoping to acquire a 10kW solar installation and LED security lights soon under an innovative community funded initiative.
CORENA (Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia Inc) collects donations from the public to fund solar projects. Electricity sales and loan repayments from completed projects then help finance future projects, so donated money is “recycled”. 
Previous projects include two rooftop solar PV systems installed for Tulgeen; a cheese packaging facility employing people with disabilities in Bega, New South Wales. 
Over $15,000 has been raised towards the $20,000 Gawler Community House project; a joint initiative of the Transition Gawler group and CORENA
“Gawler residents have been chipping in via donation jars at the Community House and local cafes, the Transition Gawler group has been collecting funds at local events, and people all over Australia have been chipping in via CORENA’s website,” says CORENA spokesperson Margaret Hender.
Gawler Community House provides a range of crucial services; including counselling, legal advice and adult community education.
 “The solar panels won’t cost us a cent, and once we have repaid the loan our reduced electricity bills will mean we have more money available to fund our community services,” says Steve Frinsdorf, CEO of the Community House.
CORENA’s goal is that eventually repayments from completed projects will have reached a level enabling continued funding of new community projects across Australia without requiring further donations.
Further information about CORENA, the Gawler Community House project and how to donate to it is available at
The original inspiration for CORENA occurred when Margaret Hender – CORENA Chair & Fund Management Committee member – read the stationary energy plan published by Beyond Zero Emissions that states Australia could shift to 100% renewable energy in 10 years at a cost of just $8/week per household.