PowerLegato Energy Storage System Available In Australia

AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) has announced its PowerLegato commercial and home energy storage system is now available to Australian customers.

The PowerLegato commercial and home energy storage system is now available to Australian customers from Energy Matters.

Available in 7.2, 4.8 and 2.4 kWh models, the AU Optronics Corp. (AUO)  PowerLegato can be used in both on-grid and off-grid applications and boasts among the world’s highest energy density in such a unit. AUO says the PowerLegato  can store an average 25% more energy per kilogram of weight than competing products.

Very competitively priced, the PowerLegato is the recipient of iF and Reddot design awards and the software that runs the system, EnergyOptimizer, also won this year’s iF Communication Award.

The PowerLegato’s  hybrid inverter and charger architecture, EnergyOptimizer software and battery management system (BMS) helps ensure maximized power independence, safe operation and longer battery life. The system has been made to be as user-friendly as possible and incorporates a password protected touch panel.

The PowerLegato’s 48v lithium-ion batteries are made in Japan and feature over current, over temperature, over voltage and undervoltage protection.

The unit is IP31 rated, meaning it is protected from condensation.

When PowerLegato is installed in conjunction with a solar panel system, the main power supply will come from the PV system during favourable conditions and once the PowerLegato is fully charged; surplus exported to the mains grid. During the night or on days with heavy cloud, the energy stored in PowerLegato can be used first and the mains grid acts as a backup. The system can also operate fully stand-alone from the grid.

The 7.2kWh PowerLegato is approved by the Clean Energy Council for use in Australia (certificate number SAA141285) and for installation under the Renewable Energy Certificate scheme. Approval for the 4800 and 2400 models is currently being sought.

The 7200, 4800 and 2400 PowerLegato are available from Energy Matters. For further enquiries and pricing details, call 133 SUN or contact Energy Matters via www.energymatters.com.au.

In April 2010, AU Optronics Corp was listed among the top 100 green companies in China. One of its subsidiary companies is BenQ Solar, the manufacturers of BenQ solar panels.

The home energy storage revolution is at a point reminiscent of the rooftop solar revolution just a few years ago – the products are rapidly decreasing in price and the range available is growing at a fairly rapid clip.


PowerLegato datasheet (PDF)
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