Spotlight On Solar Mounting Systems At Clean Energy Week

Good quality and properly installed mounting frames are a crucial part of a solar power system; but this critical element is sometimes not given the attention it deserves.
The new CEC best practice mounting system framing list was launched at a Clean Energy Week event on Wednesday. 
The list will help installers choose a framing system that has “clear install instructions and has a valid engineering certificate that includes a declaration from the engineer. This will reduce the use of non-compliant framing systems,” says the CEC.
One of the concerns regarding some mounting systems brought into Australia is the lack of clear detail for installers. Some installation manuals are also incomplete; leaving installers to “wing it” in certain scenarios – a less than ideal situation when a substantial investment and consumer safety are involved. While imported systems may have been signed off by a structural engineer; that engineer may not be based or trained in Australia.
One of the mounting systems on the CEC’s best practice list is the Australian designed and manufactured SunLock range.
Robust, fast to install and compliant with relevant standards including AS/NZS1170.2:2011/Amdt 2:2012; the engineering and compliance certificates that accompany the highly detailed installation manual are supplied by Australian registered structural engineers. The SunLock continuous professional development (CPD) course has also been accredited by the Clean Energy Council.
For installers, the SunLock system provides a strong, economical and easy to work with product to help ensure the job is done right. For the end-consumer, it offers peace of mind.
Given the concerns associated with some imported mounted systems, consumers should be asking a prospective installer “what brand of mounting system will you be using?” – and doing their own due diligence on the product identified.
Further information about the SunLock range can be viewed on the SunLock web site. SunLock is available for purchase from Apollo Energy (wholesale) and Energy Matters (retail). SunLock is part of the Energy Matters group of companies.