World’s Largest Solar Farm Project For Australia

Perhaps still stinging from criticism on coal receiving the lion’s share of clean energy funding in the budget last week, the Australian Government has highlighted a lofty goal – to build four solar farms that generate three times as much power as the world’s current largest project based in California. The Rudd Government says it remains committed to ensuring 20 per cent of Australia’s electricity comes from renewable sources by 2020.
Under the Government’s $1.365 billion Solar Flagships plan, such a project would see the farms generating a combined 1 gigawatt of renewable energy generated electricity; the equivalent of an average sized coal fired power station.
The new solar farms will be built via a tender to be called later this year. The farms may consist of both solar thermal and solar panel (solar photovoltaic) technologies. 
The successful companies and technologies chosen will be based on a competitive assessment, with an important criteria of industry development, including capacity to boost domestic manufacturing and future export potential.
In related news, the Government has also announced Australia will become a member of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
Launched in January this year; Bonn, Germany based IRENA works on behalf of the renewables sector to promote the acceleration of renewable energy uptake worldwide. The organisation provides advice and support for countries, assists in the development of regulatory frameworks and the building of capacity. IRENA currently has 80 members.
The Rudd Government sees the membership of IRENA as a strengthening of Australia’s role as a global leader in tackling climate change and the knowledge gained from operating the Solar Flagships program will contribute to the worldwide fight against carbon pollution.