REC Panels Powering US Midwest’s Largest Commercial Solar Rooftop

REC Group has announced its Peak Energy solar panels were used for the largest commercial rooftop solar power system in the Midwestern United States.

The recently commissioned 3.18 megawatt Rockville Solar II project in Indianapolis is powered by 12,264 260 watt REC Peak Energy Series solar panels.

The array is expected to generate 4.292 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, enough to supply the power needs of nearly 400 average U.S. households. The facility will avoid the equivalent of 2,722 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

Developed, designed, and constructed by Melink Corp.; the system was installed on a 55,741 square metre rooftop of a warehouse owned by Equity Industrial Partners LLC.

“Rockville Solar II is the fourth commercial project where we have installed REC panels,” said Jeremy Chapman, general manager of Melink Solar. “On the basis of our ongoing relationship and the overall cost and performance benefits we’ve seen from using REC products, we look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.”

REC says with the commercial solar sector in the USA growing at a double digit pace this year, it believes commercial solar has tremendous ongoing potential and will continue to be a strong component of its business.

REC solar panels are also a popular choice in Australian home and commercial solar installations.

Commercial scale systems using REC modules include the NEXTDC data centre in Melbourne; which is Australia’s largest privately funded system. Western Australia’s largest privately-owned rooftop solar power system, owned by Bidvest Foodservice, also features REC panels. Other local REC based arrays including University of Wollongong, Big Strawberry, Port Macquarie Library and Federation Square in Melbourne.

As well as the commercial sector, REC says it has enjoyed recent success in the US residential and utility segments; including significant supply deals with two of the nation’s largest installers and an 85MW agreement with a major engineering, procurement and construction firm working on utility-scale projects.