Solar Powered Super-Yacht

Soliloquy is a new super-yacht that pushes the boundaries of yacht design convention and points to the future of clean, luxury yachting with a little help from solar power.

Soliloquy is the brain-child of UK designer Alastair Callender of Coventry University and will be powered by technologies from Solar Sailor, an Australian public unlisted company founded in 1999 and boasts ex-Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke as Chairman.

Solar Sailor owns patented ‘solarsail’ technology – devices that can harvest wind and solar energy on any vehicle and has developed hybrid marine power (HMP) technology; both of which will be incorporated into Soliloquy.

The overhead beam, sweeping over the entire 58 meter craft has been specifically designed to house three automated and pivotally mounted, rigid-wing solar sails.

Once all the adaptable blinds have been unfurled from the overhead beam, it will amount to over 600 square metres of solar collection area.

Using a Hybrid Marine Power (HMP) system, all the electricity is stored in the yacht’s deep cycle batteries, which in turn can quietly power the onboard electrics, without the need or noise of a generator. During a period of 12 hours in the sunshine, Soliloquy can run to nearly 8 knots on solar energy alone via 2 x 240kW electric drives.

The hull’s length-to-beam ratio has enabled a relatively low power requirement to reach cruising speeds under sail and/or electric motor.

Soliloquy will provide luxurious accommodation for 12 guests including a downstairs a master stateroom with ensuite, 4 staterooms also with ensuite and one twin bedroom. The craft is complete with laundry and gym rooms and provides additional sleeping quarter for 3 crew.

The price? Unknown, but probably far more than you and I could ever afford. For most of us hankering after a solar powered marine experience, the solar powered “Loon” is likely more within our affordability range.