Energy Matters At The NAB’s Mini-Environmental Expo

National Australia Bank believes that as a large corporation it has a significant part to play in reducing not only its own environmental footprint, but in helping its staff, customers and the wider community respond to climate change.
In March 2007, National Australia Bank announced its commitment to become carbon neutral by September 2010 by improving energy efficiency and use across its international operations and purchasing offset credits where emissions can’t be avoided. NAB is seeking a 46,000 tonnes reduction of greenhouse emissions.
The company has already had great success – among the initiatives already undertaken were the replacement of approximately 12,700 old computer monitors with flat screen monitors and power saving features implemented for 32,000 desktop computer systems. 
In the first year of the program, the company also replaced more than 300 six cylinder vehicles with more fuel efficient four cylinder cars and introduced of nine Toyota hybrids.
Last year also saw the first NAB Environmental Expo at NAB Docklands and it was such a success, the company is expanding the concept. The Mini Enviro Expo will be travelling around Australia to 13 of National Australia Bank’s commercial offices, including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and ending in Melbourne. 
The Mini Enviro Expo is aimed at raising awareness with NAB employees on the bank’s environmental agenda and how they can get involved at work and at home.
As attendees move around the Expo, they will be taken on a journey to help them calculate their ecological footprint and through 5 simple steps, empower them to take action to reduce their impact. These action steps are:
1. Switch to Green Energy
2. Turn it off
3. Reduce waste and recycle
4. Save Water
5. Travel Green
Energy Matters, one of Australia’s leading providers of wind and solar power solutions, is involved with the Expo and will be showcasing renewable energy and energy efficiency information to over 5,000 South Australian and New South Wales National Australia Bank employees. The company will also be offering NAB staff substantial discounts on home solar power solutions.
Energy Matters has been very engaged in bringing knowledge about renewable energy to business associations, schools and community groups across Australia throughout its history. The company has also been active in a variety of industries, helping to educate key decision makers and tradespeople on green energy topics.