Tasmania’s Renewable Energy Push

Tasmania Premier David Bartlett last week announced the establishment of the Tasmanian Renewable Energy Industry Development Board (TREIDB), the goals of which include promoting Tasmania as the international investment destination of choice for new renewable energy projects.
“I want Tasmania to become a global leader in renewable energy. What this will mean for mums and dads is that your kids and my kids will be able to get sustainable jobs right here for the long term.”, said Mr. Bartlett.
One of the first projects under the new push for clean power in the state is the long term goal for renewable energy to replace diesel based power generation on Bass Strait islands. Diesel use on King Island for the 2008/09 financial year was 2.56 million litres and for Flinders Island over the same period, the amount consumed was 1.20 million litres.
Thirty five percent of King Island’s energy needs are already supplied by wind energy and solar power, which saved approximately 1.39 million litres last financial year. This is around 4,000 tonnes of avoided emissions, or the equivalent of removing about 1,400 cars from the road.
Switching the Bass Strait islands to 100% renewable energy is about more than clean energy, according to the Premier – it’s about creating sustainable jobs for the local population.
“It’s about mums and dads not having to see their kids go elsewhere to create a future for themselves.”
Mr Bartlett said the Bass Strait Islands have natural resource advantages that make them very attractive as a test bed for renewable energy technologies such as wind, wave and tidal power.
“For Tasmania climate change is not just a challenge, but a significant opportunity for economic growth.”

“The TREIDB is working with the Government to take Tasmania from being a national leader in renewable energy, to a global leader and the Bass Strait Islands will be the first beneficiaries.”