Dell’s Car Park Solar Farm

The computer giant, Dell, has announced the completion of construction of a new 516-panel solar farm at its Round Rock, Texas headquarters. 
The solar farm, which utilises BP Solar panels and was constructed in partnership with McBride Electric Inc. and Envision Solar, will generate 130,000 kilowatt hours of solar power annually. The installation will mitigate around 65 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year.
The structure is located in a parking lot and will provide shade to 50 parking spaces and provide two charging stations for plug-in electric vehicles. 
With millions of acres of open air parking lots around the world, many these under-utilised spaces could become solar farms; addressing some of the issues relating to building solar power stations in remote areas such as increased cost of electricity delivery, environmental concerns and line loss; while providing revenue generation and cost saving opportunities for their owners.
According to Dane Parker, Dell’s director of Americas Facilities and Global Environment, Health and Safety, Dell now sources over a quarter of its global electricity requirements from renewable sources, and is committed to doing more through launching solar pilot projects in every region where the company does business. 
Last year, Dell met its carbon neutral goal ahead of schedule, achieving a major milestone in its commitment to be the ‘greenest’ technology company on the planet. Earlier this year, Technology Business Research announced Dell took the No. 1 position in its inaugural Corporate Sustainability Index (CSI) Benchmark Report for 2009.