Free Home Sustainability Assessments – Still Worth Having Done?

Major recent changes to the Australian Green Loans program that stripped away the possibility for interest free financing for solar power systems has left some householders asking whether a home sustainability assessment is still relevant. 
The assessments were a required document in order to progress to application stage of government green loans via participating financial institutions. While confusion has reigned since given the entire scheme was lumped under the same banner, the “Green Loans Program”, the Home Sustainability Assessment is a stand alone free service funded by the Federal Government and is continuing to be delivered by accredited Home Sustainability Assessors.
According to accredited assessor James Gregory, an assessment is still worth getting done.
“It’s a valuable tool for households to kick start their movement towards lowering utility bills while taking positive steps in reducing their impact on an overstretched environment. The assessment process and subsequent report enables households to access information ranging from the smallest changes related to their own usage patterns, the home environment and appliance settings through to potential product information such as solar systems, rainwater tanks, whitegoods, window shading options, lighting, insulation and ventilation.”
Mr Gregory says assessors can also provide further information about government rebates and incentives for solar power.
“Experienced assessors will also provide an insight into government rebates, both state and federal which are offered for a variety product installations, including solar electricity feed in tariffs applicable to your state and territory. The ability to maintain a comfortable lifestyle while reducing consumption is within everyone’s grasp.”
Assessments involve the physical inspection of major energy and water systems relating to thermal comfort, water heating, lighting, refrigeration, cooking, entertainment, water efficiency and outdoor consumption, and waste management. The free assessments usually take around 1.5 hours to complete.
Households in the Hastings area (Mid-North Coast of NSW) can book an assessment by James Gregory directly on 0427 022 149 or Households in other areas throughout Australia can contact the Home Sustainability Assessment booking number on 1800 895 076.
While the interest free green loans component via the Government’s program are no longer available, national solar power solutions provider Energy Matters has begun listing financial institutions offering low interest loans for solar power on its web site.