Solarfun unveils SolarIris BIPV panel

Solarfun Power Holdings Co., Ltd., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar panels for the commercial and home solar power market, yesterday unveiled its new line of  “SolarIris” building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) modules at the International Solar Europe Conference in Germany.
Solarfun says it has been able to integrate its high efficiency solar cells into a new module that is not only reliable, but aesthetically pleasing too. Like its other solar panels, the SolarIris modules will  be compliant with the quality standards that are widely followed in the industry, including ISO 9001, TÜV, CE, and UL.

Solarfun says SolarIris improves on the visual design of other hollow BIPV modules and are constructed with three layers of glass to conform to architectural requirements for glass thickness and strength. The BIPV modules are easily integrated into the roof or walls of all types of buildings, including greenhouses, skylights, and even windows.
The junction box of the SolarIris has been sealed in a plastic housing and installed inside the hollow layer of the structure along with the other components. The modules can also be created to a customer’s specific requirements in terms of electrical characteristics, external dimensions, and light transmission 
The new SolarIris modules have passed more than 2,000 hours of high-temperature and high-humidity aging testing, demonstrating they are able to deliver energy in harsh conditions  throughout their lifespan. 
The company’s other solar products already have a solid presence in Australia, either under the Solarfun name or rebadged under other names. Solarfun’s rooftop solar panels have proved a popular choice in the Australian residential solar power market, offering a balance of efficiency and economy.