Pterosail – Wind and Solar Powered Recumbent Bike

Pterosail Trike Systems is sailing and cycling across the USA in a solar power assisted recumbent trike equipped with a patented sailing system. 
The Pterosail’s sail is placed forward of the rider and low to the ground. The result is what the makers say is a safe, stable and easily-learned sailing experience.
Street-legal in 50 USA states, Pterosail can operate in winds of up to 45 kilometres per hour and can be used without the sailing system.
Pterosails masts are made from carbon fiber, the spar from aluminium and the vehicle is approximately 3.4 metres high and 1.5 metres wide. Total weight of the non-solar powered version is around 40 kilograms. 
The solar assisted version used for the journey across the USA stores power generated from the wind and sun in deep cycle batteries to help with pedaling when the wind subsides. The solar power system is also used to recharge small devices such as cell phones and the panels act as an overhead shade.
Pterosail Trike Systems is a family owned and operated start-up based in North Liberty, Iowa. Phil MacTaggart of PTS was inspired to create the trike while riding a recumbent bike on a windy day in rural Iowa and noticing how its low profile kept high winds from slowing it down.
The "Rediscover America" trip is over four thousand, five hundred kilometres long and began in San Diego, California on July !. The journey will end in St. Augustine, Florida and depending on wind conditions, the crossing is expected to last between six and eight weeks.