REC Solar Panels – Australian Home Solar Power Launch

National solar solutions provider Energy Matters has announced it is now stocking European designed REC Peak Energy Series solar panels for the Australian home solar power market.

A hugely popular brand in Europe and already proven in local commercial installations, Energy Matters‘ much anticipated shipment arrived in the country last week.

REC Peak Energy solar panels are going to become a common sight on Australian rooftops in the near future,” says Energy Matters co-founder Max Sylvester. “They offer a high level of quality and consistency between panels due to their highly automated production process and are surprisingly affordable. We’re very proud and excited to be the first company offering REC solar modules for Aussie homes and have included the panels as an option in our instant online quoting tool.

A Norwegian company, REC Group is among the world’s largest producers of polysilicon and wafers for solar applications and is a rapidly growing manufacturer of solar modules.

REC Solar states their Peak Energy solar panels deliver more power per square meter due to three bus bars and better contact between the cell and metal fingers, improving the electrical flow.

REC solar panels‘ smaller footprint means that more modules can be fitted on a roof, allowing homeowners to make more of their valuable rooftop real estate,” says Mr. Sylvester.

“These are more environmentally friendly panels too, with an industry leading energy payback time of one year according to REC Solar. The lower greenhouse gas emissions involved with their production is a result of innovations such as the new fluidised bed reactor silicon production process which uses 80 to 90 percent less energy than traditional methods.”

In a March 2010 Photon Magazine efficiency test, REC panels were the top ranked module and the Peak Energy series were also a nominee for the coveted Intersolar Photovoltaics Award this year. In 2009, a study performed by the respected Fraunhofer Institute in Germany placed REC solar panels ahead of two other Chinese and European major brands in a year-long performance ratio test.