Canada’s carbon registry should be operational by end of May

Canada’s carbon registry should be operational by 28 May 2008, according to government officials. In early April 2008, Canada failed a UN review of compliance obligations under the Kyoto Protocol because it did not yet have an operational registry. Greece, another country to fail the review, has been barred from participating in the international trading of carbon offsets due to problems with its emissions inventory. But Environment Canada’s Judith Hull told a carbon markets conference in Toronto that the Environment Ministry “will have the registry in place before we get a slap on the wrist from the compliance committee (of the UNFCCC)”. “They are looking at our review right now and we will have the registry by 28 May, with a link to the [Kyoto Protocol’s] international transaction log,” she said. Under the climate plan proposed by the Government, Canadian industry must reduce its emissions per unit of output by 12% through 2010. Emissions beyond that limit may be offset through purchases of domestic and international credits.