States embrace green energy, but emissions rise

Support Clean Energy Target shown in Climate Council poll.

The Climate Council has pointed to Australia’s failed climate and energy policy, as new data shows greenhouse gas emissions are rising.

Emissions rose a full one per cent between March 2016 and March 2017, with national emission levels (excluding land use and forestry sector) increasing by 1.6 per cent during the March 2017 quarter.

The figures are revealed in the quarterly update report of the Australian National Greenhouse Gas Inventory.

Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie called it “another disappointing example” of the Australian Government’s failure to act on climate change.

Australia’s emissions were 550 million tonnes over the year to March 2017, as the quarterly report shows.

Individual states move on green energy

Ms McKenzie calls the Government’s lack of policy leadership the ‘core driver’ of the increase in both pollution and power prices.

Climate Council praises states for embracing green energy
The Climate Council turns up the heat on the Federal Government as emissions continue to rise. Image: Pixabay

In addition, she praises individual state governments for undertaking their own green energy projects, including solar panels and solar battery storage.

She says: “The situation would have been much worse if not for state government action. Most States and Territories now have a clear climate and energy policy framework that is driving down pollution and bringing on more renewable energy.”

“This data is just another alarm bell ringing that the Federal Government is choosing to ignore – all while Australia’s pollution levels soar, driving worsening climate change.”

Political gridlock holding Australia back

Ms McKenzie is urging the Federal Government to break political deadlock preventing central action on climate change.

This involves the transition from ‘polluting, expensive and inefficient’ fossil fuels to renewable energy and effective storage technologies.

Ms McKenzie says: “We already know we can drive down our emissions and tackle climate change through affordable, clean and efficient renewable energy and storage technology – so what are we waiting for?”

Mass coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef and record-breaking heat and rainfall levels are ‘clear evidence’ that Australia’s climate policy is failing, she adds.

Ms McKenzie claims: “Under the Government’s policy framework pollution keeps going up and up.

“This is an urgent and critical issue that has been left to languish for years.”

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