Energy storage and solar industry benefits as Geli Launches new tool

Geli Energy Storage ApplicationsImage: Geli

In a further move towards creating an “internet of energy” software infrastructure company Geli has launched ESyst, an industry first integrated design-to-automation tool.

The new design instrument recently announced by Geli is a free web based application that helps project developers selecting energy storage and solar-plus-storage systems for commercial and industrial facilities.

The practical implications for solar and energy storage users

The advancement will allow users to control over  75 hardware solutions combinations from various companies which they can then analyze and generate project proposals from.

With this innovation Geli claims they are now the industry’s first end-to-end energy storage software platform and that this new technology will allow businesses to deploy advanced energy storage and solar-plus-storage systems within the Geli Energy Operating System (EOS) structure.

Geli Energy Storage Applications

Image: Geli

Geli is a San-Francisco based company that provides energy solutions aiming to connect devices within a household or business. Their innovation the Geli Jar helps to link all the appliances in a home or workplace as well as renewable energy technologies and monitor them all remotely or onsite.

Teaming up to solve energy problems

Energy Matters who has partnered with Geli in the past has been instrumental in the rollout of subsidized smart battery storage in homes and businesses across Canberra through Geli enabled Tesla Powerwalls.

The company’s recent move into Melbourne has meant that both companies who are under their parent company Flex have been able to work together to help stock Geli’s products.

Earlier this year in an Energy Matters article Wilf Johnston, Managing Director of Flex Australia saying:

“The energy management space is growing very fast and we are keen to leverage GELI’s platform to accelerate adoption of storage in the residential and commercial space. The experience they bring from having deployed such solutions in other markets will definitely give confidence to our clients.

Geli Energy Storage Applications Ecosystem

Image: Geli