Enhancing Partnership for an Eco-Friendly Tomorrow: Fostering Deeper China-Australia Collaboration

Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) 2024 Annual Conference

On March 28, 2024, amidst the vibrant setting of Boao, Hainan, China, the China-Australia Entrepreneurs Dialogue unfolded as a pivotal segment of the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) 2024 Annual Conference. The focal point of discourse revolved around the imperative of embracing a low-carbon transformation. With China setting its sights on the ambitious “3060” goal and Australia steadfast in its commitment to attaining net-zero emissions by 2050, the potential for collaborative endeavours in green development is substantial. Esteemed guest Mr Zhong Baoshen, Chairman of LONGi, shared his company’s vision.

LONGi aiding Australia’s shift to a cleaner future

In his address, Mr Zhong Baoshen underscored LONGi’s footprint in Australia, exuding optimism about the burgeoning PV market in the country. Since venturing into the Australian landscape in 2017, LONGi has meticulously established a local presence, catering to a spectrum of sectors encompassing residential, industrial, commercial, and large-scale solar farms. This meticulous approach not only aligns with local exigencies but also bolsters Australia’s shift towards cleaner energy by diminishing dependence on fossil fuels and curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

LONGi Chairman Zhong Baoshen
LONGi Chairman Zhong Baoshen

Mr Zhong accentuated the significance of pragmatic collaboration between China and Australia in erecting a secure, resilient, and sustainable clean energy supply chain. Delving into LONGi’s endeavours in erecting production facilities in Vietnam and Malaysia to fortify the global supply chain and ensure streamlined shipment capabilities, he elucidated on investments in logistics and warehousing infrastructure that expedite Australia’s energy transition.

A call for unity for collective advancement

Concluding his discourse, Mr Zhong, as a representative of Chinese entrepreneurs, issued a call for unity and collaboration amidst global vicissitudes, underscoring the necessity for an open and inclusive approach to collective advancement. He envisaged platforms such as the China-Australia Entrepreneurs Dialogue as conduits for bilateral exchanges, nurturing a milieu of equitable and transparent business practices. Propounding solutions to global quandaries like climate change and carbon neutrality, Mr Zhong advocated for international synergy and augmented investment to facilitate seamless business alliances. He posited concerted efforts to hasten the assimilation and commercialisation of clean energy technologies, propelling sustainable energy development and catalysing low-carbon economic metamorphosis.

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