How to get the best solar battery deal in South Australia

Across Australia, there are a number of active rebates and schemes available to households and businesses, but each differs according to state and demand. In the past, we’ve covered the likes of Victoria and WA, but for this piece, we’re focusing on South Australia, and how you can take advantage of current deals in your area.


First thing’s first – the Home Battery Scheme

In South Australia, the available program for solar battery solutions is known as the Home Battery Scheme. Its motto is “Affordable, reliable power is here” and that’s exactly what it delivers. Backed by the Government of South Australia, the scheme allows you to access large subsidies on low-interest finance options to acquire these battery storage solutions. However, there is a catch. Subsidies were reduced back on 15 April 2020 but there are still some goodies to snatch up.


How much can you save?

 This is largely dependent on your energy bills and the influences across your consumption. It also takes into account the capacity of your battery and any additional energy uses your household employs. Even the time of day you use the most has an effect. The best way to understand if you’re getting the best deal on your current energy plan is to use our comparison tool, which lets you examine the finer print against deals int the market across your local area.


Can you afford to get a battery?

If you’re currently experiencing the pressure of rising energy bills, due to factors like COVID-19’s lockdown restrictions, then battery storage solutions can act as a great way to negate climbing utility costs. Initially, you’ll need to understand whether the savings you get out of your energy bills is enough to cover the cost of installing the battery over its lifetime. It is best to discuss the pricing of your individual battery solution with a reputable provider, who can give you accurate quotes according to your needs.

Additionally, the Home Battery Scheme website also provides you with a handy tool to assess the most appropriate size and capacity of a battery for your property.


How does installing a battery help the state?

South Australia critically needs homeowners utilising solar installations to also employ batteries in order to support rising demand. As the state is known for blackouts in peak periods, utilising batteries across the region will allow the grid to release pressure when it’s unstable. This includes providing backup when voltages are fluctuating or inverters are shutting down or tripping.

The state currently has more solar installations than anywhere else in Australia, highlighting the importance of making the transition, even more, a focus point. More than ever before retailers and manufacturers are pushing for households to install solar and battery systems at the same time, so they are able to take advantage of an integrated solution that allows for feed-in-tariff capacity, as well as storing much-needed electricity for peak periods during the day.

If you’d like to find out more about how a solar battery system could redefine the way you power your household, we recommend getting in touch with the Energy Matters team now on 1800 EMATTERS.

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