How to save electricity this summer

Temperatures are already rising and summer is right on our doorstep in Australia. So we’re covering the basics today to discuss a few simple tips to stay cool this season, without bill shock from overuse of electricity.


iSelect study shows Queenslanders struggle to pay summer power bill.


Use windows to regulate the temperature in your home

As soon as the weather begins to heat up many people are instantly reaching for the air-conditioner remote for relief. Before you do that, get a feel for the wind flow in and around your house and how you can use your windows to harness these breezes at certain times of the day. You can slash your energy bill by shutting down the air-con completely as cool breezes run through your home so it is worth experimenting with different combinations of open and closed windows.


Use less hot water

Winter habits can roll on into summer and the overuse of hot water is one of them. There’s not usually a need to wash dishes in hot water, while long showers aren’t always necessary. Even the majority of your laundry can be washed in cold water. So ditch the heat and rinse your dishes in a cool, full sink and avoid using your dishwasher until it’s completely full. We also recommend converting to a water-conserving showerhead to really save on those bill expenses.


Service your air-conditioners

This is not only something you should do to save money, it is also recommended for safety purposes. Over winter your air-cons can collect dust and grime and these will impact the efficiency of your cooling devices and can also be a fire hazard. Test all of your air-conditioners and clean them thoroughly, including taking the filters out to clean and replacing them as required.


Regulate the use of your air-conditioner(s)

You don’t need to have your cooling devices cranked all day and all night to stay comfortable during summer. We suggest the use of timers so that you can cool the house down in the hottest periods of the day and trap the air in by closing all windows and doors. This applies at night as well, set the timer for a few hours and let it turn off while you are sleeping.

To get the maximum efficiency from your air-conditioners keep the thermostat between 25 and 27 degrees and you could save as much as 10 per cent off your electricity bill.

Bonus tip: Consider installing a solar panel system to offset rising electricity usage during summer months.


Time the use of your pool pump

If your pool pump is running during the periods of the day when the highest tariffs apply, that’s likely something you’ll feel the sting of when you get your next bill. Set timers so that this pump only runs during the cheapest parts of the day and if there is a built-in energy saver mode, ensure this is activated.


Get out and enjoy summer

The summer months mean school holidays, Christmas, time off work and long days filled with sunshine. Try to make the most of that and spend less time cooped up in a hot house an opt for a day out swimming in the ocean, chasing waterfalls and making the most out the summer months. Obviously, though, take the smart precautions of slip, slop, slap.

Remember you can also save on expensive summer-time electricity bills by checking over the fine print of your energy provider’s agreement. Compare your current plan now to see if you’re getting the best possible rate.