Limited Time Offer: Get a $750 Rebate for Each Tesla Powerwall Installed

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The drive for innovative solutions has never been more critical in a world increasingly concerned about environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. Tesla, a pioneering company known for its groundbreaking electric vehicles and renewable energy initiatives, has introduced a revolutionary product known as the Tesla Powerwall. As part of its commitment to promoting clean energy adoption, Tesla offers a $750 Tesla rebate for the Powerwall installed in Australia.

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Understanding the Tesla Powerwall rebate in Australia

Tesla only offers a $750 rebate for customers who installed and registered Powerwall(s) between August 11, 2023, and December 31, 2023

  • Starting in October 2023, you will receive a notification in the Tesla app to submit your rebate request once your Powerwall(s) are registered with Tesla and connected to the Internet. In order for Tesla to process the $750 Tesla rebate transfer, you must provide and confirm the order and installation details. Requests for rebates must be completed by 31 January 2024.
  • The rebate will be processed and sent to you within 60 days of submitting your request via the Tesla app.
  • Changes to your installation date will affect your rebate eligibility. Installations completed after December 31, 2023, will not be eligible for the Tesla Powerwall rebate. To qualify, your Powerwall(s) must be registered and connected to the Internet before December 31, 2023.

Eligibility and application process

To be eligible for the rebate, customers must:

  • Install Powerwall(s) between August 11, 2023, and December 31, 2023.
  • Have ordered Powerwall(s) from Tesla Certified Installers.
  • Connect their Powerwall(s) to the internet and register their Powerwall(s).
  • Submit their rebate request in the Tesla app.

The rebate is available for both single and multiple Powerwall installations. After the Powerwall(s) have been installed, connected to the internet and registered, customers will be notified from the Tesla app to submit their rebate request. The rebate will be applied to the customer’s Tesla account within 60 days of approval.

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Empowering solar with additional rebates and incentives

In addition to the $750 rebate, there are a number of other incentives available for Powerwall installations in Australia. These include:

State government rebates

Some states offer rebates for Powerwall installations. For example, the South Australian government offers a rebate for Powerwall installations. Learn more: South Australian Solar Home Battery Scheme – Cut The Cost Of Home Battery Installation.

Also, Victorians offers a rebate for Powerwall installations. Learn more: Victoria Solar Rebates, Incentives & Subsidies Available: A Comprehensive Guide.

Solar Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs)

FiTs are payments you receive for the solar energy your Powerwall exports to the grid. The FiT rate varies depending on your state or territory. Learn more: Solar Feed-in Tariff Comparison: Best Tariffs by State and Territory.

If you are considering installing a Powerwall, it is important to factor in all of the available incentives. This can help to significantly reduce the cost of the system. You can find more information about solar battery rebates and incentives on the Energy Matters website: Solar Battery System Rebates, Subsidies, & Incentives.


Benefits beyond financial incentives

Tesla Powerwalls are the perfect way to save money on your energy bills and protect your home from power outages. With a Powerwall, you can store solar energy during the day and use it at night or when the grid goes down.

Here are just a few of the benefits of installing a Tesla Powerwall:

  • Save money on your energy bills: Powerwalls can help you save up to 70% on your energy bills. This is because you can use stored solar energy at night when electricity rates are typically higher.
  • Protect your home from power outages: Powerwalls provide backup power during power outages, so you can keep your lights on, your appliances running, and your family safe.
  • Increased energy independence: A Powerwall can help you reduce your reliance on the grid, giving you more control over your energy supply.
  • Improved power quality: A Powerwall can help to smooth out power fluctuations from the grid, providing a more stable power supply for your home.
  • Greater peace of mind: A Powerwall can give you peace of mind knowing that you will have power even if there is a grid outage.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when considering a Powerwall installation:

  • The Powerwall has a maximum continuous charge and discharge rate of 5kW. This means it can fully charge in under 3 hours and discharge again at the same rate.
  • Tesla has a good reputation for quality and customer service.
  • The Powerwall is a relatively expensive product. However, the cost can be offset by the savings on your electricity bill and the available rebates and incentives.

If you are looking for a way to increase your home’s energy independence and reduce your reliance on the grid, the Tesla Powerwall is a great option. With the current rebate offer, it is even more affordable than ever before.

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