NEXTracker energy storage: new solutions announced


NEXTracker has released NEXTracker Energy Storage Solutions, a new portfolio of products that includes NX Drive and NX Flow.

Owned by Energy Matters’ parent company Flex, NEXTracker’s products include solar tracking and energy storage innovations.

Its energy storage portfolio provides customers with configurable and intelligent solutions for new and retrofitted power plants and stand-alone applications.

The new NX Drive is a standardised battery enclosure system for generation-plus-storage or stand-alone storage applications. NX Flow is a modular, integrated solution for long duration solar-plus-storage applications.

NEXTracker energy storage on track for solar powered future

Each system will maximise long-term value and offer the lowest levelised cost of storage (LCOS) for a number of applications. These include peak smoothing, bulk load shifting and demand charge reduction.

Nextracker energy storage: Solar tracking and batteries

NEXTracker products include solar tracking and energy storage innovations. Image: NEXTracker

“Customers face a complex set of technology decisions as they design their energy systems and solutions today,” says NEXTracker Chief Technology Officer Alex Au.

“NEXTracker’s solutions approach leverages our expertise in optimising power plant technologies to help customers make the right choice for each specific project.”

Mr Au says both NX Drive and NX Flow suit many energy storage and solar-plus-storage scenarios.

Global energy storage market is booming

Bloomberg New Energy Finance forecasts the global energy storage market will increase 600 per cent by 2030. Starting at less than 5 GWh in 2016, it will increase to more than 300 GWh, Bloomberg predicts.

In addition, an estimated $103 billion is to be invested in energy storage over that time period. As the solar tracker market leader for the second consecutive year, NEXTracker is playing a major role in the market.

NX Drive consists of a standard ISO form factor enclosure with pre-engineered and integrated electrical, mechanical, and thermal management features.

Customers can also upgrade battery modules as technology continues to evolve and integrate PV and/or storage inverters depending on design preference.

NX Flow’s complete storage solution (formerly known as NX Fusion Plus) also integrates battery, inverter, solar tracker and software technologies to improve return on investment for owners of solar power plants.